I am Kelly McNett, a portrait and wedding photographer. I take pictures of people. I am obsessed with the authenticity, strength and texture of these captured moments.

I was born in Idaho, raised in Utah, and have spent time living on both coasts. I am currently living near Dallas, Texas. Everywhere that I have lived, I have been surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, which has instilled in me a deep love for the grace, beauty and drama found in nature's epic landscapes.

One of my favorite aspects of photography is the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their stories. I am haunted by the desire to exceed expectations, and am a Pinterest board inspiration hoarder.

When I am not consumed with photography, I can typically be found enjoying time with family and friends.

My Love of Weddings

I have always been drawn to the larger than life drama of fashion photography. The luxurious textures, vivid colors, and spectacular lighting produce images that I find impossible to resist. This is where my love for wedding photography stems from. Weddings are one of the few life events that everyone dresses as stunningly as the world's top fashion models. I love everything about weddings, from the sharp, crisp lines of the groom in his tuxedo, to the unrivaled glamour and beauty of the bride in her wedding dress.

I feel extremely grateful for every client that entrusts me with the responsibility of capturing these moments. In return for this trust, I promise to pour my heart and soul into capturing images that my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives.

My Love of Bridals

When I was young, I was enamored with a photograph on a wall my mother's bedroom of her in her wedding gown that was taken during her bridal session. Bridals were a significant part of most weddings then, and often accompanied an announcement in the local paper on the upcoming wedding. Now it seems that they often show up as an optional afterthought to the main event, if they show up at all.

The bride in her gown will be the star of every wedding, and I am confident that whatever dress you chose will end up being worth every penny. Bridals are the perfect opportunity to capitalize on this investment. By dedicating some time apart from the busyness of the wedding day itself, we can capture images together that showcase the unrivaled beauty of you in your wedding gown. They can also typically be printed in time to be displayed at the wedding itself.

Bridals are always among my clients favorite portraits, and I am confident that they will be among yours as well if you choose to include them as part of your wedding.

My Love of "Destination Bridals"

Destination weddings go one step farther in the production of amazing photographs by adding the beauty of some of natures most iconic scenery to the background.  However, they require that everyone that you wish to attend the wedding also be able to travel, which isn't always possible.

This is why I love the concept of destination bridals. Whether you are waiting for the traditional "first look" on the wedding day, or you would like to include the groom in the bridal shoot, it gives a chance for the bride and (groom/maid of honor) to go on a mini-adventure before the big day. Whether it is a favorite local destination that is within driving distance, or an exotic destination half way around the globe, it will be something that you will always remember. It will also result in bridals that rival even the most beautiful destination wedding photographs.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, contact me to talk about your dream destination.